Athena Charity Foundation


The Athena Charitable Foundation gives great importance to social programs and focuses on issues of various layers. The foundation intends to implement large-scale social programs both in Yerevan and in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Especially more important is the assistance to border regions and socially disadvantaged groups. One of the most important issues is the availability of an ultramodern mobile dental machine that will provide first aid. The foundation is based on comprehensive support providing high-quality medication. Always focusing on troubling issues, the Athena Charitable Foundation sets a task to carry out large-scale activities and help socially disadvantaged groups.



Athena travel agency provides a number of travel services, such as cultural, cave, birdwatching, jeep tours, rural, acquaintance not only with Armenian culture and customs, but also with the national customs and daily life of Yazidis and Molokans. There are active hikes and walk, and for those, who like extreme, zipline, rafting and paragliding, accompanied by trained guides, which can fill your day with great impressions and unforgettable memories. Athena travel agency has been operating since 2014, it was founded in Madagascar, and since 2016 has been operating in Armenia. We cooperate with a number of countries, including Israel, Georgia, Vietnam, Mauritius, the Kingdom of Thailand and others.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the foundation carefully examines the primary needs in that field during the development and implementation of any charity program. In the near future the foundation plans to expand the scope of its activities by helping the organizations and individuals working in the fields of education, art and healthcare. The emphasis is placed on the creation and application of a mobile dental station, which will implement a wide charity program thanks to its professional doctors and specialists.

What We Do

The foundation has taken the initiative, which has the aim to support citizens living in a difficult conditions. Keeping as a spotlight issues of the vulnerable groups of society, the charity program will help many families in need.

Our Consultants

.Today, all over the world, the global problem is concentrated on Healthcare. The foundation has also done a great work inviting multidisciplinary medical specialists from Israel.